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  1. The Soundtrack of Yume Nikki has been highly praised by fans. The unconventional, often unmelodious rhythms of the background music are a major part of the game's atmosphere, and work psychologically with the game's visuals to create a deeply entrancing experience. They consist of short loops, most lasting around only a few seconds, with the exception of【FC】BGM_ (FC Field BGM). Some of.
  2. Apr 15,  · Yume Nikki may just be the most interesting game of all time for a variety of reasons. While the game is ostensibly about exploring the dreams of a hikikomori girl and potentially unravelling the twisted depths of her psyche to understand why she refuses to leave her room (spoiler: click to read), it also serves as a window into the mind and creative ambitions of the anonymous creator, Kikiyama.4/5(7).
  3. Yume Nikki is a very unique title that has become one of the most well-known indie games to come out of Japan. It is unlike any other RPG, especially in the fact that there really is no action or dialogue to speak of. This gives the game a very dark and foreboding atmosphere. Can you make it 9/10(K).
  4. This album is a selection of dark ambient, drone tracks from the original Yume Nikki Ost. Yume Nikki is a freeware rpg video game created with RPG Maker .
  5. It is a compilation album with various contributing artists, remixing samples of the background music and in-game sound effects in a variety of musical styles and genres. It has been well received and acclaimed by the Yume Nikki fanbase.
  6. Oct 09,  · Yume Nikki ☆ 24EFFECTS ☆ [Audio CD, 1 Disc] Source: Yume Nikki [Indie] Composer: Various Artists Release Date: Label: Doujin/Indie Yume Nikki is an indie game that has developed a cult following over the past few years, thanks to its retro feel and unnerving gameplay.
  7. Yume Nikki. Yume Nikki is a very popular psychological horror adventure, which despite having some elements of an RPG, offers an experience much closer to an adventure and exploration game.
  8. Yume Nikki (ゆめにっき, lit. Dream Diary) is a surreal adventure game by pseudonymous Japanese developer Kikiyama. In the game, players explore the dreams of a hikikomori named Madotsuki, where they encounter a number of surrealistic horror creatures and locations. The game was created using RPG Maker , but has few elements commonly associated with role-playing games, such as battle.

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