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  1. If all I've got's a 3 minute song I would like to dumb this down to 3 chords or maybe 4 But I've tried and I can't and I won't 'cause there will always be more So I apologize I can't seem to get it right I must apologize I have the hardest time Finding something to define a god I just can't define And even if I could it would take way too long.
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  3. As the 'doomsday clock' ticks three minutes to the 'hour, even its microseconds are evidently readable. On January 22nd , its hand was adjusted to , three minutes to midnight – Doomsday day.
  4. Dec 07,  · The standard maximum is 99, so on the CD, track 99 is actually a minute long with two tracks on it.” Far from feeling constrained by the time limit, he's planning on sticking with it.
  5. In a three minute verse-chorus song, that's 90 bars of music, and typically, 8 bars for each section is probably pretty standard (which is why the section in the middle of the song that some call the 'bridge' often gets called 'the middle 8'), in terms of being long enough to .
  6. A great music selection of 3 minute duration musical theatre song backing track suggestions and ideas for for stage show, cabaret, competition, festival or eisteddfod Bless Our Show GB3GU £ (fabulous song from the show - complete song as original cast recording) I Got Rhythm (Dance Part 2) GB3GU £
  7. Apr 04,  · Two, ukulele alert! Locksley – “She Does” This is the only song this hour that would make my all-time Top Possibly my Top I love it so much. Simon and Garfunkel – “Bookends” Paul and Art prove that you don’t need 7 minutes to write a heart-breakingly beautiful song. Heck, you don’t even need 2 minutes.
  8. Jul 27,  · 60 popular songs that are suprisinglhy under the 3-Minute mark. From classic rock to hip hop to alt rock, there are many favorites in this playlist!
  9. In part, tradition. Although scientific surveys have been worked over the years, the rationale was established before Tin Pan Alley. Three minutes is long enough to satisfy those excited by the song, and not long enough to disturb or annoy persons who hate the song. It has nothing to do with 20th century technical limitations.

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